About B.U.

I started working on B.U. in 2014 when I decided while in the mall one day to read the back of the label on some of my favorite soaps and lotions. While reading, I realized "I don't know what propylene glycol and butylene glycol are." So, I goggled it right in the shop. I found out that they are used in food, cosmetics, and as a cleaning solvent. It is hazardous to skin because they penetrate skin and weaken protein and cellular structure. Why in the world would I want to put that on my skin and even worse my children. So, I started looking and couldn't find many products not containing hazardous chemicals. Then, I thought "Do some research and make your own". Here we are three years later and I developed products with the use of organic ingredients that nourish, repair, rebuild, and refresh skin cells. Join me in the movement to healthier skin!